Presentation Starts Success

In a meeting with one of my clients, she told me about how she tried to encourage one of her subordinates to be confident.  Lack of confidence has been one of the most factors that hinder people from success.  Leaders, as my client did, often enlighten self-doubting employees with a conception that everyone has unlimited potential within themselves, that they have to nurture it through discipline, hard work and practice, creativity, positive thinking, etc; that they are actually authentic, real, and dynamic.

Lack of confident is strongly related to fear.  And the fear that bombards people today is the result of capitalism, where labor is divided like never before.  It is the world in which everyone is highly specialized, and people hardly know how to do what the others do.  Yet, they have to connect with each other through many forms of communication.  One of them is presentation.

With the fact that we now have to speak publicly more than ever, presentation and its venture contain values that can nurture confidence in you.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Focus on others.  Presentation is one of the forms of communication, where you have to focus on your audience – the others.  Every time you have to present something in front of a forum, remember that you have to do it for the audience.  It’s not about you.  It’s about making sure that your message is delivered effectively and efficiently for the sake of the audience.  With this is mind, you’ll always be ready to do a presentation anytime, and your confidence grows subconsciously.
  • No comparison.  To be authentic when presenting something, you cannot compare yourself with other public speakers, because when you compare, you cause fear in you.  Any audience has a bound-to-happen respect on whoever is going to speak, especially when the name of the speaker is already mentioned in the agenda beforehand.  They WILL listen to you.  So, be your natural self, and you’ll grow confidence more.
  • It’s real.  Fear can also be bred when you make a self-assessment during your presentation.  That’s why it is highly NOT recommended to evaluate any of your undertaking while you’re speaking.  Continue your presentation even when you just did a mistake in spelling, gestures, or anything.  Remember, the real you is the whole you with all your strength and weaknesses.  By doing this, you’ll soon become a more confident person.
  • It’s powerful.    Presentation is an art of persuading.  Yet, you cannot help it that your audience will have different opinions about you during your presentation.  It’s entirely their right to perceive you as anything.  But once you’re in front of them, you have to be back to the first focus – focus on your audience, they need the message delivered effectively and efficiently.  With all your knowledge and skills, you enforce yourself to create an interactive environment, instead of thinking about what they are thinking about you.  Once again, it’s not about you.  By inflicting all your presentation power, you’ll emerge as a very confident person.

From the presentation values mentioned above, we can learn a powerful way to cope with lack of confidence.  Avoid focusing on yourself, but focus on others.  A millennial presenter is the one with zero-ego, because he/she has practiced a lot putting him/her in the others’ shoes, the audience.  A millennial professional is the one who becomes confident by always thinking about everyone else – the colleagues, the company, the world, around him/her.  They have no fear, so they become authentic, aware, attentive, and as good as they can be.  For them, fear is non-existent, thus anything is possible, because nothing and no one can hurt them.  They are confident and only one breath away from success.



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